Three a fast and effective method of enterprise website exchange Links

QQ chat group, QQ direction range is very large, any industry can establish their own QQ group, and Links exchange can also set up their own QQ group, and then let the webmaster to join the QQ group and exchange Links, found from the data, most of the webmaster can exchange friends of the chain through the QQ group, owners only need to enter when the additive group of related industry chain group keywords can be found in this industry all the friends of the chain group, and then see which group is the active group, one by one to look for and join.

now open source site program is the most common webmaster, many Webmaster Station through the open source program to build their own website, yet open source site program is similar, PHP pronunciation is ASP language, from the earliest discuz forum website system to the CMS system in the future. A road to development and present many open source site program, but no matter what kind of station after they need to install the template to the site, and at this time many webmasters will search engine search related website templates, and then find the free or paid to the installation site template, thus the template type the website also gradually popular, competitiveness can think and is more powerful.

using QQ groupWe used When the by Links exchange platform


is the first method, exchange Links

Second methods of

template class website development, to optimize the site of many owners are also the best, the author is responsible for website optimization a template class, usually in the optimization of the time in addition to add content and site to site outside the chain, also is to do Links exchange every day, also accumulated in the course of time some kind of website template Links exchange experience, at the same time and effective method for some template class site exchange chain rapid summary. The author thinks that the template class exchange Links as long as the master of the skills which method can quickly exchange to the satisfaction of the friends of the chain, will not be a waste of time, following by the author with the template class website webmaster exchange.

for example the author do is show network template type website, this time I only need to open the QQ control panel and then click the find and click on the QQ group, in the search box input template type Links group, then there will be a lot of groups, the reporter found a few more active groups and then add the chain posted in the group exchange the last information, waiting for the other to take the initiative to find you exchange chain.

Links exchange platform is the webmaster of the most commonly used exchange method, this method actually belongs to the open method, registered in the chain on the platform after the release of their own website information and then take the initiative to wait for other webmasters to find your exchange friend chain, also is the main move to find other webmasters exchange chain link platform is a very user-friendly, can then find each other template class website information search keywords on the site, feel over >

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