Want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization user experience is the key


as a webmaster, we hope to make our web site to get good rankings, get a lot of traffic, then how to do? In fact, only in accordance with the rules of search engine, the content of the website will be the best, only the high quality of the site will be search engine and users. In addition to the high quality website for search engines, it is more users, in fact only get the favor of the user, is the real good website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it can also get more traffic, higher conversion rate, the final effect of the realization of website optimization.

in the optimization of the website, they will consider the user experience, and with the increasing popularity of the Internet search engine for the user experience more and more attention. Whether it is love or like Shanghai, Google and other search engines, its main function is to help users search for information, to ensure that can improve the most effective information for the users in the first time, this is the search engine user experience. But now, we can see that the Internet littered with information, the search engine algorithm caused a great disturbance, caused the search engine is not very good for customer service. These rubbish information actually comes from the site of the Shanghai dragon Er, if this phenomenon continues, then the search engine result is self-evident. So, want to change this situation, only through reform, update, which led to the site was K, ranking disappear, and a series of changes in the weights decreased. From this change we can see clearly that the search engine is mainly for customer service, and not the webmaster search engine, it must be clear.

now love Shanghai can be said to be more and more frequent, almost in late October when a large number of Web sites are k, the weight decreased, which has brought great trouble to the webmaster. The author in the hands of more than a dozen sites have been K only a few, in the face of this situation, many people complain about. In fact, from August until now, can be said to be a period of time the most frequent love Shanghai adjustment, love Shanghai as the largest search engine, it is adjusted to let very many sites are affected, also let many web workers very troublesome.

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How to improve the user experience of

as to how to improve the user experience, the experience, in the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must from many aspects, to optimize the full range, not only rely on the one hand, like a lot of hair of the chain, relying on Post Bar or micro-blog, or a large number of station update and these are need to combine the. Some people will say, only our own website content is best, you need not worry about ranking, no flow. In fact, although the content of the website is very important, however.

leads to love Shanghai website is updated frequently, what is the cause of K

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