Google is a small range test new search interface

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is a small range of noble baby recently testing a new search interface, the test only for a small part of the noble baby users, a new search interface must be displayed in order to account login. It is not clear the nobility baby testers choose the standard, whether the new interface is also in the future speculation stage. For the most noble baby users, currently only from the network out of the picture to experience the new search interface, as shown below:

interface test always get both praise and blame. For the new interface, many people think that the increase in the gap between the items at the same time, reduce the number of the same screen display, which makes users need more time to click the scroll bar to view the following results obtained. This is known as "the ultimate minimalist" noble baby, will not cause the user’s opposition remains to be more large-scale testing and user feedback. Anyway, the current test feedback is limited to the part of the more famous science and technology media account, and can not represent the majority of users view.

Of course, for the new

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in front of the articles we have mentioned the noble baby top ten hits status. If the test, gap between the items increased, let the first screen display results better (reduced 2-3), then the first 5 or 3 after the click rate will be greatly reduced, while the Shanghai dragon ranking shopping, will be in the top 3 on several. Not for a moment when it comes to suffering, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, only hope this test forever, that do not have the beta.

new search results interface mainly increases the spacing between each item blank more font color than the current interface more soft, and delete the title underscores the results show more clearly. With the noble baby search results more and more integrated into the new elements, including video, picture display has various sources of news information, let the list page appears more and more messy. This revision seems to be in order to improve this problem, increase the blank between the items so that the user can better more carefully view a description of information, so as to effectively select their low contents of demand.

Shenzhen – Shanghai Dragon

search interface for the new baby aristocracy influence Shanghai dragon

above just the news, but each time the trend of nobility baby will cause the attention of the industry in Shanghai dragon. If, if a noble baby began this new search interface in Japan, will have a significant impact on Shanghai Dragon Industry: excluding off the display size, ranked in the top 5 of the competition will be more intense for



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