Explain the differences between Shanghai love Google optimization on the difference

; 1 new sites included for everyone to share!


2, website pages in the search engine rankings

3, external links

in fact, as long as you understand the basic principle of search engine, combined with the "noble baby search engine optimization guide", "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" said above, a good understanding of the execution, there is usually a good ranking. But for the love of Shanghai, at the same time, noble baby want to have a good ranking is difficult, the key problems appeared in some detail, deal with these details, I believe there is no problem! Let me introduce two search engines will be different in what aspects:


love Shanghai, home will be relatively easy to get good rankings, but some recent observations, love Shanghai in this area has made great progress, as long as you seem to do well in the station optimization, page to get good rankings opportunity is relatively large. In the course of my optimization, they often encounter opponents inside threat.

we all know, do not need to deliberately optimized noble baby, just in a blog or forum put several new anchor text links, it is easy to be noble baby collection. And if you reproduced the contents of all, will not be affected. Because the baby will have a noble sandbox, included is easy to rank well, it is difficult to

love Shanghai on the contrary, to review the new record is to need a relatively long time. But once included, want to get good rankings, relatively speaking, will be relatively easy. But remember, don’t start optimization love Shanghai reprint collection, try to use the original content, this is a very important point;

a lot of people ask me, noble and love Shanghai baby in the optimization of the above what is the difference? For this problem I believe that not only I, many people will encounter. For this problem, I usually answer was more general, very simple with the past, so I felt sorry for those who believe in me to ask my friends. So, today I spent two days time, their own experience, combined with the information on the web, these things will be a one-time sorting out,

love Shanghai foreign chain amount depending on the not so important, the comparison is the value of the correlation of the chain. Therefore, as long as you put in the relevant page, related links, absolutely is is a great help to the ranking. Of course, if your web page is to stack keywords, so we will get to your site hit love Shanghai.

has always been to "noble baby is equally, so there is no problem in the home page. No matter which page you, as long as you do the optimization, there are opportunities to go to the front row. So for the distribution of keywords in the above website, is very useful. Especially in the optimization of long tail keywords, we can often see the row in front of the key words is the inside pages of the site;

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