360 introduction of nternet users search evaluation mechanism

But now the


search network owners appear as in figure

analysis: 360 website comments online for more than a year before, nor heard and search the weight hook, and even a lot of people do not know it exists, at present, most of the review results should be spontaneous user comments, users can reflect the true feelings.

How to join the

site will appear behind the small tomato logo, like the 77 model search network, then there will be no small tomato

finally: 360 vice president Yu Guangdong said that "360 search peoplerank technology is the third generation of search technology to prevent malicious behavior of Shanghai dragon. Affected by the transition to commercial and malicious Shanghai dragon, the traditional search results can not reflect the search results." This is to prevent malicious brush comment? We’ll see. In the 77 model essay net (www.fw77贵族宝贝) station feeds, the original is not easy, please keep the link.

Not all the

website comments? See the lower right corner there is a web site. The author also submit their website up, quietly waiting for the collection of results.

website comments results show to the search results, may affect the sorting of search results, in this case, after the comments will be questioned the credibility of the site. Like Shanghai share is an example, Shanghai people share love brush now almost useless too many to count. Website comments that user good impression score, without providing evidence, is very simple, do not rule out someone will brush each comment scores, there may be malicious comments rival website, a website is not good.

open behind the tomato, you will find that the data from the 360 website comments, the official website comments: "website comments" is 360 based on the third party website user comments on the website, in 2012 04 months on the line, has been more than ten million real user reviews. "Website comments" user oriented, committed to quickly provide the most real and objective information website for Internet users, while shouldering the responsibilities of the fight against fake websites.

in August 16th 360, 1st Anniversary days of on-line search. 360 the company launched a new search product "I search", the introduction of Internet users evaluation mechanism. We start from today, 360 search keywords, the search results will appear in the back part of a tomato. Red, yellow and blue respectively represent different degrees of praise.

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