Shanghai dragon ultimate routine stable correlation

(1) site environment stability: the stability of the space domain or server, stable, improve the stability of the site itself, and also is the foundation of the site, only the site is stable, and the user can smoothly to love Shanghai spider your site visit.


+ correlation

, 1 stable


these days, I have been thinking about a problem, what is the Shanghai dragon, it really is a day to find different blogs and forums outside the chain, write some boundless every day the so-called original? Do Shanghai dragon really would like someone metaphor as "it migrant workers" so, how to get out of this predicament? I thought, what was the first Shanghai dragon, I understand the meaning of the internal and external optimization is to optimize the site, and then make your own website to Google in Shanghai, and so on, can Sogou search engine with multiple site keywords ranking first, let users be able to their search. So how can our website in front of it, a lot of people will tell me the website internal optimization, frame structure, keyword layout, relevance, extensive external chain, some correlation is, according to the Shanghai Longfeng routine, if you insist, as workers the same dream to do, then your website will be can have ranking, but also to good effect. Then there is no more effective way, there is no Shanghai dragon, the 42 dials thousand catties I thought, through the practice study found that Shanghai Longfeng ultimate routine is: stable

(2) is the stability of the frame, whether it is your home page or list page, the article page, stable framework, but also a manifestation of love for Shanghai spider friendly, stable framework, will let the love of spiders in Shanghai access to become a habit, if you think that Shanghai spiders access into the habit of love your site is not affected by love, the favor of Shanghai is difficult, which is why the weight of some old station or the domain name.

(3) the stability of the chain, many webmaster always said at the A5 forum, my station update is not a problem, the chain also increased according to the law, why this love Shanghai update my ranking out a lot, among them, many of the station of the station is because the chain caused by instability this result, why is the stability of the chain is a determining factor in site is quite a residential, the residential outside chain is the entrance, love Shanghai spiders and users is equivalent to the house, you imagine, people often from the door into the habit of stopping, suddenly your door to die, they will certainly lead to a moment at a loss, to give people a bad impression, but also reduces the weight of the website, the natural ranking has gone, so the stability of the chain is very important.

related website itselfThe correlation between


websites as we all know, but here is the brief, column and column directly related website, and the paper.

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