Shanghai dragon aspect diagnosis is not so far away from sub health cloud website

the company hired Shanghai dragon Er, how to ensure their own understanding of the rules of search engine? Even only affected the chain, even do not understand the keyword analysis to play Shanghai dragon engineer. Is not alarmist, in fact many enterprises employ the "talent" is only the same level. Companies do not want to hire professional Shanghai dragon Er, just because of the huge demand of Internet platform, talent is not to be "sold out" is "start soon". At this stage in Shanghai dragon training on the Internet has many people, but the students have and how many people? Is often several times or even a hundred times more. At the present stage of website construction and optimization, the lack of professional talent is the main contradiction of Shanghai dragon er.

website optimization

three: advanced

do a good job at this stage of the search engine keyword ranking, Shanghai dragon Er website optimization to hire a few thousands, tens of thousands of words, is no longer fresh. With competition heating up, the price continues to rise with. Keywords high prices, so that more small and medium enterprises owners, said wandering. The input is not a cloud, whether in the harvest is proportional to? This is the most concern, and the Shanghai dragon investment is a long-term investment. Don’t compromise? So in all appeared in "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" of this service, and keyword search found in the main to Shanghai dragon optimization team A5 Adsense (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) as the main representative, led by this service.

site optimization as a service, it is Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, in fact more stick >

: optimization of the lack of professional personnel

two: optimization of the high price of

site ranking in the millions of information flow in blossom out? Is the biggest achievement weapon website optimization ranking. Who is more suitable for the website search engine rules, then who will get more attention "". Some people say that it is not difficult to site optimization, is nothing more than good, the chain structure, content. In fact this is true, but it is difficult to project optimization who will be difficult to more relevant for the search engine itself. Do one thing is very easy, but to say a thing we should do fine to pay several times. Unfortunately, now the website ranking due to the competitive environment gradually warming up, but so. Therefore, to the enterprise development in the Internet and the lifeblood of website in the website optimization rules requires more excellence, enlarge the details to every optimization step.

but not every site can do so, not everyone knows how to do it, because not everyone has such a professional ability. Therefore, the birth of the Internet such a baby industry — "Shanghai dragon diagnosis", probably in 2009. In the recent, often in the webmaster circle to see such a topic, so did a follow-up report, is here to share:

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