The article is how to do web site weight high website copy

3: install the


collection is not terrible, terrible is the website weight collection is even higher than you, let you become the original acquisition, encounter this kind of situation is really tears ah. When we set up a new I we must be in the original article for the first, but after ten days of new sites in the site investigation, as long as the gradual in the chain and the original article, the new weight can gradually build up, afraid of some fellow old website copy your website, so if the weight of your site will be decreased rapidly! Snapshots and included which of course will stop, encounter this kind of shameless old webmaster, we can use the following methods to deal with him


we should blame love Shanghai? I don’t think I should, this is more a human model of weight discrimination! Of course there are some webmaster use these to collect the others, to know everything is perfect, some people use this loophole is not in normal times. Of course, everything will have a solution.

What !

does for this method I think, for those people who may not webmaster can also play a role, but all the webmaster may know, directly open the source file, and then open the Dreamweaver switch to design mode. No matter what he still can be copied. But this pattern a little bit of trouble, an article can let cost him 2 minutes, 5 articles on more than ten minutes, so I can only see each other or not is determined to copy your article, if there are other sites to copy him, he might give up you. If this happens to encounter the die hards we had to use third.


1: the use of closed screen IP

don’t know some novice webmaster have used some bi closed screen malicious message plugin, there are a lot of this plug-in, but they also have a function we rarely use, is the closed screen ip. Specific usage here is not detailed to introduced. We can according to their different systems to love Shanghai search. As long as the use of this plug-in screen closing his website, then the other side can be said to be powerless.

IP is now the restart router will change, but through the cnzz we can lock his ip. The love I know Shanghai search with the htaocess file can access the closed screen IP, htaocess can be an easy job to do this IP closed his screen so that he could not visit your site. This code is "order allow, denydeny from 124.205.*.* allow from all" this can usually be closed screen IP access, but there are also individual master, replacing the IP continuously or by using some tools that you have no way to him. If this is not we will use second strokes.

2: prohibit copying web content

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