Don’t do slave update optimization on the site of the Shanghai Dragon

is doing optimization recover the original simplicity of Dragon King Station and Shanghai, a collection of pseudo original, actually nothing, eventually your website is to give people, rather than to the search engine, as well as short-term can deceive the search engine preference, the entire site is full of rubbish no other benefits! Hefei Shanghai Dragon old Zhu advocated, website update and optimization of Shanghai dragon should follow the following principles:

second: site updates to follow your heart, don’t have nothing like squeezing toothpaste that slowly squeezed, squeezed out the results after seeing things like chewing wax, food and tasteless, to see who who do not want to see, even the search engine to catch, so this is the website has been updated no reason was included, two days can create a good.

Hefei Shanghai dragon think, since you want to run a website, it is hard to do, look at the related news every day, the latest developments and then into their thinking and summary, draw insights, and then put the ideas to share with your friends, net friends on the site more the contents of this search engine, not only love, we all love, ranking will also have business, there will be, Why not?! since everyone is Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, I believe on the website and Shanghai dragon optimization have a strong interest, but we do not become Shanghai dragon slave, do not be Shanghai dragon nose, so it would be a more sad thing ah, lost the reason the establishment of the fun, also lost the search engine and the interest of all, as the most The end result will be to no return

! ! !

Hefei: Shanghai dragon as a webmaster, as do website, it is hoped that the content of the website has some readability, if open the website to open a template to repeat the same words, that this site will have people looking at you, no one to see if the site of profit from talk about it now, most of the owners are in the pursuit of a web site keywords ranking optimization desperately, desperately the pseudo original, crazy to send outside the chain, the ranking is up, the single is not stable, there is not much IP, not much traffic, but will not have what profit now! Do not stand a few years ago, as long as the ranking will flow, as long as the flow will be able to make money, and now is no longer the era, this is his own site to death, to the garbage station The direction of the whole, is there any sense, results, the results are negative, certainly not what the

: first the views of others to write a good, it is directly reproduced, write clearly who is reproduced, so that people see don’t think this is plagiarism, but feel good article should share to more people, but also respect the original author of the work, are good for a change! To effect or a same meaning are not, the results also make everyone happy, others saw it uncomfortable for a long time, the search engine is not how friendly

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