Ordinary group chain is harmful to Shanghai dragon useless


did not realize when the garbage links in the search engine, is indeed very effective mass links. It is the birth of a number of links to mass software, batch registered in various forums, blog or SNS platform, then the automatic acquisition of content link group. Not willing to spend money to buy the software company will hire a few links specialist, collecting a large number of forums for batch registration, and then manually set up the forum signature, manual completion of the software. Now the search engine in order to curb the unhealthy state of the industry, the upgrade algorithm frequently, this "not recommended" spam links was the focus on.

some people may doubt "exchange the content page links said before, what is the difference between the mass and the anchor text links? Mass will be right down, the exchange of content page links there is no problem?" in fact, there are essential differences between the two, the content page link exchange are based on high quality content, and only when the specified keywords appear in the content will naturally increase the link, the theme content at the same time cooperation website are similar; however, the ordinary mass links are generally collection content, pseudo original machine, and then insert the rigid anchor text link, and the mass of the website theme and they may not completely related. The two link is not what comparable.

when we realize the importance of links, we will be adding links to their website to. Because most of their own web sites with limited resources, can exchange to link to other website links, has become the focus of most or all of the work site of Shanghai dragon. So far, will use a variety of pictures at "what is Shanghai dragon in the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel exchanges? Send the chain……".

now the search engine for the forum signature, spam and junk blog link does not have a cold, and now most of the weight of the high platform are strictly limited by the link, so basically sending link to the chain construction method is not only a waste of time is a waste of energy, almost no following what role. But there are many websites because before or use software or use artificial mass released a large number of spam links, in the love of Shanghai algorithm upgrade process has been the recent drop right.

ordinary mass links now is not good, but this is the link with sending spam content, if released in other sites or on the platform are the contents of good information, and naturally have their website anchor text or text links, or the good quality of the chain. For example, some maintain their own blog friends, often go to the forum or website can contribute to publish their own articles and bring your own links, these links where the website weight is relatively high, a link is also relatively healthy, so can not be characterized as spam links, but "batch" operation difficult. But when the site launched, still can go to the A5 station, like a soft platform linked to a link to attract Spider.

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