Love Shanghai today primaryachievement power Scindapsus algorithm

yesterday in Shanghai there is a considerable flow of love, early in the morning, but no traffic sites, basically can be determined by the new algorithm is to hurt. In addition, the penalized site, has the following characteristics: site the home position is not on the first page, but in the end a few pages, the domain is so; love Shanghai directly in the search site name, the original row in the first place, now decreased or even can not find; of course, the most obvious one to be in love in Shanghai where the site traffic is almost dropped to zero.

the above characteristics only relative to those who buy the link to the website, as the seller site? As we all know, usually sell links are the weight of relatively high, many belong to the industry portal or local portal, love Shanghai selling links to these sites but few actual behavior of crystal clear, the punishment of action. The Scindapsus algorithm is also no exception, I inquired several link to sell sell very happy high weight website, found that they did not suffer any effect, included and rankings are very normal, and the bottom of the home page sold a row of links is very eye-catching……

webmaster of Scindapsus aureus algorithm clearly expressed a strong interest (life, love in Shanghai under the roof without concern nor ah), we also have the author to imagine their understanding of the new algorithm. But to everyone’s imagination space is not large, because the algorithm effective time quickly and accurately, from the beginning of this morning, the algorithm starts to work.

link trading intermediary website, personally think that the research value is not high, because people do not rely on the love of Shanghai. Even if love Shanghai put these sites K 10 Fen people left, the transaction channel still there. Of course, through this Scindapsus algorithm, how many people will go to buy links, this is a problem.

The As for the

Scindapsus algorithm just on the line, the power is shown. Of course, we do not know the next time it will have a further action, such as the sale of those high weight website links can have real action. In addition, Baidu each count >

this morning, can find the webmaster friends in the expression of some doubts in several webmaster Forums: Web site keywords ranking overnight all fly to the outside 100, almost disappeared from Shanghai where the flow of love, in addition to the long tail word very unpopular, other words are not found. It’s not hard to guess what causes these changes is Scindapsus love Shanghai latest algorithm.

February 19th love Shanghai webmaster community announced that Shanghai Scindapsus on-line algorithm for love. The new algorithm is mainly for the sale of links to the web site that links the three party transaction intermediary, the seller and the buyer. In the announcement, love Shanghai pointed out: link behavior influence user experience, interfere with the search engine algorithm; on the other hand, speculative site enrichment, super chain intermediary real benefit, diligently do should return to obtain station is in such a bad Internet super chain.

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