No PR no snapshot you will change the Links

recently noble baby official finally stand, PageRank has no plans to update. That is to say the webmaster before staring at the PR has not become a standard evaluation website.

said, these people are now more concerned about the standard, not to launch their own search engine, but the third party website keywords ranking and query tools according to the corresponding search index estimated what can roughly determine the flow of a website, but has a large operating space and limitations, so need to carefully distinguish under the.

coincidentally, love Shanghai official in this year also had a love of Shanghai "on the problem that" snapshot number, specify updates and page snapshot whether important additions directly associated with the website itself "the weight", whether "K" is not directly related to, the owners do not have a suggestion pay more attention to the website snapshot time.

PageRank this thing, it is the evaluation of a Google page importance value, because Google is the world’s largest search engine, the evaluation value is into the world to judge a site and the importance of the standard, in China Internet industry is also as the standard. But now Google no longer update PR, this standard is not, and China search engine field does not have a universally accepted evaluation of web standards (market tools query love Shanghai weights and 360 weights are not the official launch), love Shanghai even put a little snapshot time influence to weaken the. This makes a lot of entering the Internet industry practitioners no direction, because of the lack of a universally accepted criteria, only through the analysis of the subjective judgment, which for them a bit difficult.

1, the so-called love Shanghai, 360 weight weight

3, included the amount / index

2, your theme

included a number of factors but also we should pay attention to, but we now use the site command to check out there will be two data, a number of search results, a number of index. Two data is generally not the same, this time is our standard, the number of search results more close to the index number of the better, if the difference is not.

?We first look at the front page of

, no PR no snapshot of what factors when the change is Links should focus on:

one website, a topic related or similar. This is not only the bonus effect to judge the search engine on the link quality, is beneficial to attract users to click. For example, users browse our website in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements so tall on the information, see a gynecological hospital link, there will be no interest on.

this let many webmaster dumbfounded, the previous exchange chain important criteria PR and snapshot time have become less important, now the exchange chain in the end to see what

Here we look at

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