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since 1880 the world’s first telephone directory was born in the United States, do the yellow pages for a specific word, the righteousness of the paper is to the carrier for the phone number of the printed book.

since the popularity of the Internet, online all kinds of "Yellow Pages" also emerge in an endless stream, but form and traditional yellow pages similar, nothing new. The literary creation that comes from life, the subject than life, not only to take the essence, to its dregs, to innovation. With the advent of the information age, the traditional yellow pages form is declining, it is difficult to express the rich reserves of information. Very realistic, traditional yellow pages and now the Internet "yellow", are the lack of effective means of expression, is a bit messy, lifeless. Since the development of Internet technology change rapidly enough to ensure the "yellow page" represents the form, the key lies in "take care", the only way to make pages live, re radiate new life, and everyone loved.

to collect the network gathered all walks of life business information, all kinds of information released and adjusted by the business itself, to ensure the accuracy of information, authenticity and effectiveness. All businesses can choose keywords, can also be free to change their keywords according to market changes, to allow businesses to better show the full range of their own, make it easier for others to find their own, and save a lot of advertising costs, also meet the users query needs. Such a living yellow pages to maximize the business of the the website of the opportunity to show his face, but also allow a maximum active Internet market.

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