As an entrepreneur why am optimistic about the internet entertainment industry

Abstract: from the beginning of the second half of last year, investors see these projects have been very cautious, but the cultural entertainment industry is very different from other industries, he can rely on direct cash, so a lot of cultural and entertainment enterprises may be the market value is not high, the capital chain is relatively healthy, this point in the economic downturn, the winter capital industry background especially important.

in the past 2015, for many game companies have not so smooth, early game business closures, let this industry just a few months. Hundreds of small companies, especially in the southwestern city of a disaster, a time of industry paranoia, shouted to the capital of winter.

There is growth in the industry to focus on the necessity of

on the one hand, on the other hand there are demographic dividend gradually disappear the objective (the current mobile Internet access to a user close to $20, that is to know the price of 1/5 four years ago), so in the past year to two and the industry attracted market attention is a game company home, the company over the past year could obtain all-powerful potential worthy of discussion, we will mention.

in this context, but we do the opposite, just released our first culture and entertainment content data monitoring products. After receiving a variety of friends on the line of concern and questions: why in such a deserted market background, but also large-scale investment in such a product to do?

after N explanation, I think it is necessary for us to sort out some views and China game market culture and entertainment industry, as well as our judgment of the future, it is based on these judgments, it let us resolutely launched the entertainment content data products.

may be some trivial, so, hope to have more friends to join.

on the whole: we believe that the next ten years is the development of China’s cultural and entertainment industry for the past ten years, the Internet will play a decisive role in the cultural and entertainment will be the year of the Internet in.

first, the cultural and entertainment market in the future as a whole showed an increase of

see a major subset of the past few years of culture and entertainment, games, movies, music, animation and derivatives, both in the industrial scale, the scale of the user or industry influence, are in the process of prosperity, in value, to maintain an average annual growth of more than 50%, we believe that the entertainment industry will have an incentive to continue the development of the.

in the background of Chinese economic development, compared with other mature industries and even capacity wins, the national culture soft power level need correspondingly, so the cultural industry good policy which is a rare opportunity to emerge in an endless stream, the industry is also China economic development the only way which must be passed.

we have basically accepted the Chinese economy into the new normal reality, and we look at the background of the global economic downturn in the past, entertainment and service consumption is increasingly strong, 1930s >

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