The nternet will be the traditional buy low and sell high form free marketing has become an inevita

if you look at the popular Internet product, you will find such a simple and almost insignificant in common: most of them are free, the biggest characteristic of the Internet is providing free products for customers at the same time, you can get money from.

in fact, this business philosophy contains the most traditional economic nature: cheap to buy high priced. Super wide spread and ultra low cost Internet directly to the user "buy cheap" into a free mode, and sell high way without exception into profitable businesses head.

traditional economy to buy low sell high free marketing

the earliest bank operation mode is: you also need to pay the deposit to the bank "custody fee" to the bank, traditional bank loans and other financial net present and the existing way of early use "interest rate" contest, put the money in the bank to see you of course you give me much interest, who will choose a deposits also pay the fees of financial model? But before the financial development into the event, mode of existence is simply paying bank custody and off-site atm.

There are many classic marketing case free

traditional products business, ink printer industry buy buy printer ink to send, send the printer ink everywhere, but to buy ink printer business strategy is clearly not the general means of marketing, the application needs to have two unique product quality: first, excellent quality of the product itself (quality of the printer and ink to one, which is the necessary precondition for any free marketing operation); second, attached products free products must have the necessary (no ink printer ink is equivalent to a waste).

this summer of rage "northeast board by a nostalgic appearance, more excellent quality and taste, free marketing way to the ice cream industry sales of several million yuan climax. Northeast board marketing strategy is for the dealer to provide free freezer, put an ice cream plate just northeast of the freezer, in addition, a monthly subsidy of 60 yuan for the operators tariff free marketing strategy and raise a level, of course, and at any time, northeast board sell on Replenishment on the choice of the channel is not good to terminate cooperation of supply strategy also embodies very sincere and professional operation and marketing of all this free spirit! With a free marketing "subsidy" strategies are based on the premise of high quality of the product itself.

Internet will buy low sell high principles evolved into a comprehensive marketing war

game profit model is almost entirely free of marketing threshold, profitability is to facilitate the upgrading of various props in the purchase and so on, the user can choose to buy props, checkpoints upgrade, can also continue to maintain a free game identity wantonly honed skills through consumer choice, and not in the consumers. The low threshold of free entry and consumers can choose the form of consumption, whether from the consumer psychology and in the promotion of products occupy persistent high quality and extended.

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