Wang Tong the most down to earth community marketing model to make money

the official community is not active, because there is a master, most of the time are very busy, but every time an internal share, are super dry cargo. In the past three years, Qin will produce a large number of internal gameplay, super huge value.

I and Qin Gang two people are idle most of the time, a person can be a deep thinking, so we will often sum up some of the NB play.

Qin Gang and I have invested in the development of enterprises are very good, all of the time in the year earnings, they benefit from the use of our actual gameplay. For example, has publicly shared the micro technology, micro meter business media, home theater, car, etc..

before the Spring Festival, we discuss the Qin school introduced WeChat Internet "pasture theory model", just two months time, received more than 700 partners, 3000 students, more than 10 million of total revenue.

key is:

I and Qin Gang two people spend very little time, everyone just put in more than ten hours of time.

why did the two of us invest so little time that we can easily create such a good income?

core has two points:

1, product value

I and Qin Gang two people online under the first phase of the course fee is 120 thousand yuan per person, to participate in the training of people and enterprises, are now doing very successfully, and the ranch of our theoretical model of the value is much higher than that of 120 thousand courses, only 1200 yuan a person.

2, mode NB

What is the core of the

model NB?

is to make your partner can easily make money, so you can easily.

how to do it?

first of all, we give the majority of the profits to partners, partners recruited students, 100% of all the partners, this point, stimulate the partner’s motivation. At the same time, the partners of the partners will be upgraded to 50% partners.

we are more ruthless, because I and Qin Gang is the most important value of the back-end, that is, more people want to learn our ranch theoretical model, and then applied to their own business. At the same time we can also tap the potential of some enterprises to invest in shares.

remember, the more points, earn more!

we recommend that every entrepreneur should learn about our ranch theory and our business philosophy and business model.

if you really learn to apply to your business, a year to bring you more than ten million easy, are very easy thing.

how to really learn to hand it?

light is out there, you can’t see the real point. >

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