Depth analysis of the five methods of induction


Li induced articles since the issuance of the first part, about two kinds of methods, has received a lot of feedback, Lao Li said what your next time. Today, I am on the soft text of the keyword induction method, the full text of the five ways to explain in detail. Lao Li mentioned in the first part, what is good, soft, that is, good soft Wen should be like a good game, step by step, everywhere bloodshed. Through some seemingly ordinary text slowly bring consumers into a different product. Just like the cotton hidden needle, and not exposed, overcomes in the invisible when you found it has fallen into the well designed advertisements. He is in pursuit of a salutary influence of education effect. The biggest advantage of soft is to put a long cycle, the impact of low price. For the promotion of the brand is the role of any other media can not be reached. Soft is not advertising, but beyond the scope of advertising.

what is the key word


to impress others is called key words. Soft soul is the key words. If the article is a person’s body, the key word is the body only a heart. Once the soft Wen lost the key words, it is not soft Wen but an article without any meaning. Just like advertising, only in the most popular period of advertising can receive the best publicity effect. The keyword is popular in the popular.

get the key word in the world, so how to better in the soft text layout and guide you want the key words?.

first: experience type. Now the most commonly used types of soft writing. That is, through some pseudo experience, or pseudo experience as a breakthrough point. It is the use of empathy to find the common point of integration of each other’s soul. For example: as a 80, now almost do mom and Dad, the issue of children in education what are the experiences ah, then leads naturally into the keyword logical sources of these experiences. Let us first resonate in the common experience and feelings under the premise of natural over to the corresponding keyword. We call this technique induced by logical type. Effect is very good. Do not believe you can Baidu: [80] children heart (successfully induced)

second: a comparative insertion method. Whether it is a variety of websites, or a variety of products can not be unique in the world, such as local portals, local is not the only, there are other similar sites. So in the writing of soft when I can use the method of comparison, with the tone of the Internet users to do a comparison of all similar portals, analysis of advantages and disadvantages. And then the focus of the article, the focus of slowly transferred to my site. Then through this way to deepen the impression of the site, resulting in the desire to visit my website. This way can be used to describe the very image at large the better to apprehend him. Seems to be introduced to you

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