Tencent Ali O2O layout analysis

"O2O Denver war" nobody is absent, whether it is ambitious records of mobile Internet entrepreneurs, or a large fortune veteran Internet Co, as Li Kaifu said, O2O future will change Chinese, online and offline once together, this is a huge explosive power. Data show that in 2011 China’s O2O market size of 56 billion 230 million yuan, is expected in 2012 will reach $98 billion 680 million, an increase of 75.5%.

to this end, China’s two largest Internet Co, Tencent, Alibaba has been in the O2O collection soldiers camp. This is the Internet giants from the PC side to the mobile terminal of the strength of the contest, they have to seize the opportunity to O2O and life service class electricity supplier, no doubt, O2O is one of the future form of electricity supplier.

let’s take a look at what pieces they have laid down.


Ali is one of the earliest involved in O2O, but also the layout of the longest chain. Recently, the layout is significantly accelerated, the first is Taobao launched a map service; then in October 31st, local life and local living information service platform Tintin Network officially announced the acquisition of Alibaba and Citibank investment.

Ali O2O is a big step forward to the closed loop, tiger sniffing finishing as follows:


1, Taobao local living platform

2006, Alibaba acquired by former employee Li Zhiguo founded reputation network. After the adjustment has become Taobao’s local life platform (bendi.taobao.com), to provide local business information, electronic coupons, group purchase, rental, delivery and performances of 6 kinds of services, and has local life, Taobao movie two mobile client.

2, buy: Juhuasuan, the United States Mission

Taobao announced on February 2011, after the focus on the network of goods to buy Juhuasuan focus will be directed to the next line of regionalization of the group, officially joined the thousand regiment war".

July 2011, the United States mission to complete the B round of financing is led by Alibaba investment, then, Gan Jiawei, vice president of Ali announced to join the U.S. mission network as COO, responsible for management and operations, to strengthen the line team.


1, online and offline parity: a scouring network


comparison website Amoy network, provide a sweep of the two-dimensional code "Amoy parity application can query the goods in the eyes of fire, the difference between online and offline.

2, payment instruments: Alipay

Alipay has a shake hand transfer, NFC transfer and sensing the two-dimensional code scanning pay layout in the mobile phone, and online and offline shopping discount goods, Focus Media reached a cooperation. "In the report before the tiger sniffing the Alipay O2O with the not?", Alipay CEO Peng Lei said clearly, pay in.

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