n the county to open a courier company how the key is to look at the service


online shopping era has arrived, and support for online shopping is a strong courier delivery. A lot of people are holding the attitude to try to open Taobao stores, in the process, some people fail, some people succeed, more and more people may not be profitable because of the closure of shops. Before a friend told me that to the county courier company at home, I think her a good idea in our county more than capital is expensive, so most people are willing to buy things on the Internet, and some can’t go back to see my parents work, nothing will buy something on the Internet mail back, we have a lot of county people, the market is very large.

express company first consider what better to express, if you want to open the post, SF, the two is not reliable. The postal service is the state, individuals joined the words a little difficult; we know that SF is taking the air line, not the general County Airport, if join in cost will be greatly improved. Now the most used express: rhyme, Shen Tong, Tong, tact, every day, some shops have shipping products, but most of the shipping they express is specified, because they like these companies, will be a lot cheaper fee before the only product show (www.vpshow.com) want to buy a small shipping washing machine on the Internet, because I live downstairs with tact, but the seller’s designated express without tact, I say with the customer can also add some money, but they are not coordinated. I suppose the reason is that they have no tact and cooperation, do not know how the quality of service, if the problem is in the process of delivery, the buyer will eventually contact the seller, but not for express companies, there is a reason may be because it is home appliances, will guarantee safe arrival, courier fees are very expensive if too much, to find customers to express fee, customers certainly do not want to. A list of two reasons, the seller will automatically give up this single business.

express company selected, recommendations to the express company to work, understand the operation mode, and the way of express courier, how to save, some people think that express these things is very simple, is to have the express to the hands of users, users send express mail contact, the idea is too basic, we must first understand the road information delivery don’t spend time in, express delivery, walk the path of least in the shortest time to send the most express is the kingly way. There are more customers in the process of delivery of contact with customers, to establish their own customer base to facilitate future use.

is the next person to contact them, look at how you join the region, the county to join the deposit is generally five thousand to ten thousand. Famous express to join the conditions are more stringent, requiring the company to have a certain size was approved, the specific details of the courier company can be detailed inquiry.

and then the profit problem, in fact, should not be able to send a lot of money, the main thing is still a good hair, but the specific number of people in the county will be found or to be investigated. And not all express companies to join the model are the same, some want to send a piece of

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