Taobao recommends that the current collective price of Taobao sellers collective protest

Chinese according to voice of "news" 7 reported 08 points, from today (26 days), the courier company in the country to increase the delivery price, single goods price 2 yuan, rose 1 yuan per kilogram of weight. This is the second rhyme and tact, Shen Tong announced prices, freight fourth increase within one week of the private express company.

it is worth noting that these four referred to as the "one by one," the courier company, is now the most popular online shop – Taobao nearly 80% of the courier business. Today, through the courier price, it means that the master of Taobao 8 into the business of the top four courier companies completed the price alliance today.

Chinese the voice of "news" learned yesterday, today China express Association will meet with the relevant person in charge of, express company and discuss how to coordinate the relevant issues.

express industry: market profit thin enterprise cost surge

Why is

private express to collective price? STO marketing director Xia Zubin said in an China voice of "news" interview last night, cause the price has two: one is the heavy snow caused some time ago, the courier company backlog of goods, and express the shortage, lack of capacity; two is because of the recent rise in oil prices. To increase the cost of transportation. In addition, Xia Zubin explained that prompted the courier company collective price there are two reasons:

Xia Zubin: actually there are two reasons. The first is the external force, nearly two years of intense competition in the courier industry, the entire courier sales price has been declining. The second is the enterprise itself, first, after the introduction of the new labor law, labor costs rise. At the same time oil costs in the past two years is growing, the courier companies or logistics companies, transportation costs in this regard is increasing pressure. So the two reason for the courier companies are not making money.

courier companies, basically the entire profit point is basically close to zero, the local market in Beijing city courier are generally 5 dollars, the cost of materials has been close to 1 dollars. Labor costs take a express from, and send staff to send express, including all the vehicle delivery center costs, all the cost plus including billing costs, net profit basically zero. As a business, it is sure that the enterprise itself has a certain profit, so it will promote the price trend.

In addition to these reasons

mentioned in addition to the courier company, Taobao, some of the scale of the seller, but also by driving down the price to earn the difference. PR department senior director Tao said in an Chinese voice of "news" interview last night, do not underestimate these differences, some even as high as 40%, which has been puerile courier companies difficult to accept:

Tao: because many courier companies or domestic norms, they have a lot of outlets may have business to do, and Taobao will be some big sellers about possible, would have been 5 dollars, you may, I will give you 3 pieces of 5, to attract business.


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