11000 fee charged from WeChat to spy on the huge profit margins of the third party payment industry

February 16th, almost all of the circle of friends are going crazy, WeChat payment team announced that since March 1st, began to charge fees for WeChat change is now, the transfer is free of charge. WeChat in December last year announced the transfer of more than 20 thousand yuan per month to receive a fee of $1/1000, after a lapse of two months will cancel this provision. Can be seen, WeChat this move is enough hasty.


compared to WeChat’s cash charges, Alipay said: we are all feedback to advance their own so-called WeChat bank cost has been really put a WeChat ridicule, actually WeChat and PayPal has its own payment license, and access to funds they are independent, once the user is to transfer cash after clearing the channel China UnionPay UnionPay, collecting fees is good, and the third party in accordance with the single line charging standard, WeChat is very small.

Why does

say that 1/1000 of WeChat is a little less? This is a comparison of the fees for POS machines under the line. Because it is well known that the lowest cost of POS under the line is the livelihood of the class 0.38%. The 0.1% 0.38%> it is undeniable, with the development of the reform of the rural financial China, the third party payment industry began to open more preferential policies for the county, which is located in the first echelon POS fee will be reduced to 0.3%, even so, the single line is higher than the poundage of WeChat 3 times. But the problem is, ah, we generally accept the POS machine, high rates, but can not accept WeChat’s low rate problem where the problem lies in three aspects:

1, WeChat did not give the user to issue credit cards, so that WeChat lost Chinese chinaunionpay;


2, more than WeChat money without charge, you come to collect the majority of users is certainly some contempt;

3, WeChat money in itself is not much, unlike Alipay, Alipay is the account, while WeChat might be a small Treasuries, so you don’t have much money to collect fees, the majority of users and a promise.

so we put aside the fees charged by WeChat this topic, because it may be said more, Ma Huateng may not be able to change his decision, let us look at the huge profit margins of the third party payment industry. Although the author is engaged in the third party payment industry has been 6 years, but the industry is not enough depth. Here we come together to analyze the third party payment in the end how much money?

one, the line under the single main business, but also the most clear business. That is the POS machine business.

so how powerful is the POS business? We just talk about facts and figures. Let’s take a look at the size of China’s third party payment industry in the third quarter of 2015.



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