Teach the hacker hacker training site million money

  the newspaper Xuchang news yesterday afternoon, Xuchang city police destroyed a publicly on the network hacker training site charges "Patriot hacker" website, 6 suspects were taken to the police station for further investigation.


two sets of houses have a division of labor

recently, the city of Xuchang has a patriot hacker website for the purpose of profit, openly recruit students on the network, to teach students computer hacking technology. Yesterday afternoon, Xuchang City Public Security Bureau internet police detachment and Weidu branch network police brigade received a report from the masses, immediate action, in the China Telecom Xuchang branch seized the site involving 2 servers.

later, the police follow it, the site of the camp was found in Xuchang city road public garden district.

this is the two set of housing is located on the third floor, two apartment door, each house is more than and 130 square meters, sanshiliangting. Two sets of houses have "division of labor". On the eastern side of the room on the balcony with 7 servers (including one involved), the living room has a large dining table, the table is placed with meals, fruits and so on, is a patriot hacker site staff to eat.

west of the house is "Patriot hacker website training place, the two room was set up with nearly 10 computer, two bedroom placed a bunk bed formwork, a total of 13 beds. The walls of the room were suspended with many students’ color photographs and some of the students’ quotations". A small room on the north side of the suite is the boss’s office in Li Qiang, with a boss’s desk and a computer.

, a life member of 1600

26 year old Li Qiang is the Patriot hacker website responsible person. Li Qiang was a machinery factory in Xuchang City, he said, in November 2003, he set up a "hacker security technology" forum on the site, and later found that many users are interested in, and then use the application in the network of free space, began to profit for teaching a hacker technology to users, and gradually developed into now the size of.

Li Qiang introduction, at present his site has 11 staff, including a formal 7. When a reporter asked Li Qiang how much money to start the site, he did not answer.

reporter in the interview at Li Qiang’s home, his family’s phone rang, mostly members of the site to consult the relevant issues.

Xuchang City Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment police investigators said that preliminary statistics, Patriot hacker website has 1600 members of life, these members all over the country. Each lifetime member to pay membership fee of 600 yuan, according to this calculation, Patriot hacker website member Fei Gao charged up to $960 thousand. Plus some of the contributions made by members of the short term, the Patriot hacker website revenue may be millions.

patriot hacker website claiming to be China’s most

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