Secret network red incubator mass production of new network Luna 100 thousand

so-called net red, in fact, is through the other people can not get the way to attract fans." The picture shows the leading network of red.




[special report] "you are responsible for your beauty, I am responsible for the breadwinner"

secret network red incubator

"Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter Zhang Yan Beijing reported


with a carefully adjusted good makeup, three feet, a last look at the camera viewfinder composition, quickly stand back to the selected background, "Kacha, Kacha", with the camera shutter sound, Liu Chang began to put a different posture. A group photo, she took the camera from his friends, seriously look at each one. After determining the need not again, she quickly picked up the side of the bag, to find a nearby Restroom "facelift".

Parkview green, the Southern District of Sanlitun, Yintai Center, Beijing red campaign in the times in the eyes of the camera, "holy land" has changed six or seven sets of clothes Liu Chang acted quickly and decisively. Next she must return to domicile, his day’s effort into a computer graphic, then upload complete the next micro-blog, "the first step on the new".

Liu Chang is a native of Beijing, but also the legendary network of red, but compared to micro-blog’s millions of fans of the big V, she is still in the initial stage of the cause of the red network. Still, there are nearly 100 thousand fans on her micro-blog. "All real customers, not a zombie powder," Liu Chang told the China Economic Weekly reporter.

When the

camera at Parkview green, because the use value of the same background, Liu Chang had to wait for another is to take photographs of the girl nearly an hour. Although some anxiety, but hit the field this thing did not give Liu Chang the slightest trouble. Beijing can take place on a few photos, hit the normal. And she’s not the same as me." Liu Chang secretly pointed not far from the girl side told reporters, "the camera bag is the general goods, and you see her facial features, eyes and nose are post processed, then two pieces of clothes, but also did not take this suitcase, is selling high imitation jewelry!"

in Liu Chang’s definition, "red" in this industry includes all walks of life, whether it is like her Taobao owner, or broadcast platform on the anchor, or is active in the line of Master, in her opinion, as long as it has a large number of fans on the Internet, are "red net".

fans flow into economic income

in the eyes of others, Liu Chang belongs to the typical "Bai Fumei"". Parents engaged in the real estate industry, high school to go to private schools in the United States, undergraduate school of art at the University of

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