An automotive supplies foreign trade website to promote the planning experience sharing

foreign trade website and the promotion of domestic websites have different places, I think the main language is different. May be more of English website promotion difficult. Should the steps and methods to promote not all play different, here I talk about how to make a plan to promote the obdchina websites, this is only a preliminary idea, how to improve and promote the step to income remains to be explored and summarized, said well, when you laugh.

, a web service object (product and service) analysis and features: obdchina is a foreign trade website, serves individuals abroad, repair factory, locksmith. Specific circumstances to be analyzed, mainly to provide personalized support for specific users.

two, keyword analysis collection

ok558 believes that to build a successful auto parts website, first to select a web site keywords, ok558 selection OBD scanner OBD2 keywords scanner, mileage, correction, auto diagnostic tools, then the company added a few, ok558 think home keywords is not too much, there are two to three, in order to avoid the weight is over dispersed.

1, collection of automotive supplies and key points and key character category (the OBD scanner, OBD2 scanner, mileage correction, auto diagnostic tools and the degree of competition in accordance with the key points), to determine the heat and competitive situation of keywords.

2, the key word layout (home page to put the key word, column page put a little bit of competition key words, content also put the competition of small long tail key word), do key link library for the station optimization.

3, pay attention to the key word complex, case.

3, competitors use those keywords.

three, competitor analysis

obdchina website a lot of competitors, because the site of the product determines the opponent’s universality. The company is a foreign trade company, a lot of similar car products. There are from Alibaba platform, from the company’s website, they are also very familiar with their own site. Therefore, it is very important to analyze competitors. Analysis on competitors, mainly from the following analysis: site structure, keyword, keyword location, label, friendship chain, reverse link number, and local channels, whether the profit model, the new site content and layout.

four, web site optimization

website optimization is mainly to comply with my other articles to do, this article called "five e-commerce website SEO optimization summary", but now there are some new views on the time, I’ll put my.

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