Classified information website Craigslist success stems from three persistence

from the San Francisco Bay area to be popular in the world, the authority of the "Inc." magazine as one of the most attractive, global enterprises with Myspace, Youtube and Flickr has become a representative of the Web2.0 website, there is no doubt that Craigslist has become the nation and even the world’s most popular classification information website. But you must not think that such a site is known to the world · founder Clegg Newmark; "unintentional". Newmark website is intended to share the culture of San Francisco area information with friends, and now Craigslist has developed into the world’s largest classifieds site. 2005, Craigslist website to enter the domestic industry vision, overnight become an example of the domestic Internet industry to learn. Some people think that, in fact, because the Craigslist website has the envy of the domestic industry’s most popular model: very low technology content, a high valuation of the site. The former gives you the courage to think, 35 people, six or seven guns can engage in classification; and the latter gave us the space of imagination, as long as you can come up with China Craigslist, its value is comparable to Baidu, Google. But is it? The development of Craigslist is really blessed? I think the story is not so simple. This paper will explain the Craigslist web site business philosophy and development model, analysis of the reasons for the success of Craigslist outbreak.

1, "we are a community website"


Craigslist started and did not want to do what the classification information website, founder of Newmark just through the mailing list software will inform friends recently happened in San Francisco cultural and artistic activities. At that time, not only to know this information is Newmark who supplied him, he also knows that he make this information available to the who. By the Newmark "intermediary", who can provide information and share information with people established contact, and even become friends, that is to say, this is the first one to Newmark as the center of the community. Slowly, the community continues to grow, more and more community residents. The cluster effect is divergent for all Web2.0 sites in the key to success, all similar sites have greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the user self, all users is the site of the "free" workers, not only does not charge any fees to help these daily on site for more new maintenance, and even some people have to pay to join site membership fee. At present, the Craigslist website from the founder, CEO, consulting, customer service personnel to a total of only 25 people, every day they deal with massive information, mail detection and other work, but in order to cope with the world of Craigslist development is ease. Newmark has proudly said: "we do not operate the Craigslist, those who use Craigslist in its operation". >

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