The successful marketing strategy of summer talent show

summer talent show of the season, the station in order to get the user’s attention into the eye, marketing means are the same, regardless of whether the program itself is inside, but the marketing approaches for successful webmaster is worth learning, here we summarize some popular talent show the success of the marketing strategy, for everyone learning.

"China good voice" the thought of innovation and

on the show when encountered bottleneck, get confused and disoriented by numerous users in the story, countless tears, countless sensational, talent innovation and thinking process of glume, good sound selection rules in no story, no tears, no need for beauty, attention is the true voice of the players really create benign platform for the players, it is also the kind of the one and only the draft system, attracting the attention of users.

marketing means not too gorgeous, but without much boo head, can really impress the user’s heart, can face a timely solution to the problem of users, marketing activities can provide users with benign platform, can grasp the user’s psychological homeopathy. Like the show, there are also Internet copy of a large number of successful cases, the success of others is not successful starting point of your success, what is more than a copy of garbage, but out of their own innovation mode to attract more user attention, to make more boo head.

"I am a singer" viral early production of atmosphere

I am a singer

sponsored by the draft boss based on mango, a lot of successful talent show, the program group chooses the virality, began playing videos and commercials before formally launched, just ten seconds to seize the user’s psychological, and I’m a singer is already in the opening of many famous music the singers, the program before the start has a group of loyal fans, viral propagation speed between the fans is quite fast, and find the program group without excavating the potential user groups.

viral marketing is to use the principle of reputation spread, you can quickly spread like a virus, viral marketing is more through the communication between users, if the enterprise can do is viral marketing, can save a fee in the marketing bill, but the user said "good quality" is poised to own enterprise more useful. It seems the effect is very good, but it is quite difficult to implement plan, if you want to create a viral marketing benefit more, can be publicized in the major social media, plus certain incentives to attract users to participate in communication, this will bring unprecedented influence.

"voice of China dream" invites potential users to participate in marketing activities

sound of dream has a strong jury elected, belongs to the China idol, most of the results dream sound format is generated by the audience vote, when everyone thought the show will be as in the past, a sudden counterattack shout all users to join the selection, 1 billion 300 million China applause can participate in the voting member. The vote will decide.

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