Barbarians sunshine insurance invasion of the dispute has been the rise of Yili smoke

Yili 19 on the morning of the announcement, since September 19th in the Shanghai emergency suspension, may be involved in a major reorganization of assets or non public offering. Emergency suspension of the relationship between the fight against sunshine insurance, triggering speculation.

yesterday, sunshine insurance placards yili. However, in the "change of interest report", sunshine insurance statement said, Yili support the existing shareholding structure, do not take the initiative to become the largest shareholder of the shares of Erie, Erie shares no longer holdings within the next 12 months.

, however, the market seems to give unilateral sunshine insurance commitment is not recognized, and there is a voice questioned the true intentions behind the sun insurance.

Bao Wan contest,


review of Vanke in the treasure to fourth placards encountered after the action, the scene of deja vu. Last December 18th at noon, Vanke suddenly "planning issue shares for major asset reorganization and acquisition of assets as the subject, to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange proposed emergency suspension. Since then, Wang Shi has to Huarun group, Ampang insurance two shareholders consult intention, even in the "welcome Ampang become an important shareholder" made overtures Ampang, but Wang Shi’s efforts are not clear to support two Vanke management.

in the absence of large shareholders to support the case, the final contact with the Shenzhen subway vanke. On the afternoon of March 13th, Vanke announced the introduction of the Shenzhen Metro as a strategic shareholder of the agreement, the transaction price is expected to be between 40 billion – $60 billion. In accordance with the idea of Vanke management, after the introduction of the deep subway, Shenzhen metro, Huarun and three stake in the proportion of Vanke management will be more than 40%, which can get rid of the threat of being able to treasure holdings.

to fight the treasure, and even the management headed by Wang Shi with the sword easy road to. According to reports, Vanke management retreated to the corner to bring huge losses on the Shenzhen subway, a drawer agreement between Wang Shi and the depth of the subway". But never thought that Wang Shi has always been regarded as their own, Huarun, in the case of the reorganization of the vote firmly stand on the side of the inverted king.

, however, Erie is now in much better shape. With Vanke warning, compared Vanke, Yili rapid action a lot, in the sunshine insurance first placards had been suspended, and communicate with shareholders. At this time the suspension of intervention, given more room for manoeuvre.

can be said, in action, Yili "attacks" sunshine insurance and Vanke against Boland is exactly the same, but at the time, Yili is higher than many vanke. Perhaps, this will also be a result of the future of the queen and a different reason.

has questioned why sunshine insurance

?Take the initiative

sunshine insurance why can not dispel the market’s doubts, but exacerbated tensions? For this problem, we take a look at the treasure and Hengda into Vanke is how to say when.

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