Find your sister developer readme how do we do marketing

source: I dark horse

oral: Zhang Fan (Chengdu cloud Tour Technology Co., Ltd. CEO)

finishing: Wang Genwang

[i] Mobile Games "dark horse to find your sister recently described the fire" in a complete mess ": at the beginning of April has been downloaded 55 million times, daily active users reached 8 million, the monthly income of millions, in Android and IOS two platforms are ranked first in Mobile Games. You may not have thought that this game is only the beginning of the middle reaches of the developer cloud two core members, starting from the members of their own savings funds. In the game with great success, five projects have been boondoggle. The day before, the cloud tour technology CEO Zhang Fan to find your sister from marketing and other aspects to share their experience and lessons. The following is a fan oral.

find your sister’s birth

find the name of your sister before I have done that, here to share the name of origin: after we made the game at the time, when we want to find what is in the team, a lot of scheme has been satisfied, we need the name of the game on the marketing and make people feel very mean. We have a team member for a long time did not want to come out, it said to find your sister ah. We felt that the name was too good, a lot of things seem to have a strong contingency, and look back, this is a clear idea from the inevitability.


find your sister released from the end of August 2012, we have been through self marketing efforts in the promotion of. Its ranking curve rose slowly from the initial 400 to more than the first, through a slow wave of rise. At that time we have such a few ideas: first, let the product itself has a strong marketing point. In this game, we highlight the style: grass root style, funny, funny. In addition, it’s the theme of the background we use a lot of the current network hot spots, such as Cang teacher, etc., to resonate with the players, the resonance itself is a strong marketing point.


Zhang Fan (Chengdu cloud Tour Technology Co., Ltd. CEO)

find your sister’s self marketing

first I talk about my understanding of marketing: the first is the core of marketing core, we understand that the appropriate marketing is for the user, the game is enough game player. The self marketing is through the product itself to spread the user’s marketing, it can be called self marketing. It is the core of the idea of marketing directly into the product, so that the product itself has a strong marketing force. Second through word of mouth marketing, since the acquisition of the user’s marketing, more than the user through the network alliance is more loyal, quality will be much higher.

find your sister icon design ideas, in accordance with our understanding is simple and lively, can highlight the characteristics of this product. This icon is also self marketing. We used a few in marketing

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