The sleeping dragon six of the ocean destroy the blog promotion

at home today, over two years ago to buy the book "winning the dragon" destroy six, suddenly thought can also be used for promotion, sleeping marine blog a lot of feelings, then record. The original six or six, but different meaning:

first: customer analysis

personal blog in the promotion before, we need to consider, their main view is what people will say that your blog is for what people see, of course, ziyuzile blog is not listed here, this blog is not need promotion. The results of customer analysis allows us to quickly build a blog theme, determine their own ideas, as well as the promotion of the use of keywords.

second: build trust

can not only analysis work, after analysis, you begin on the characteristics of their own content, this is a process of building trust, readers first arrived in your blog site, get his need of the above content, is the beginning of faith, at least he thinks is useful, sometimes look other content, will bring more traffic and publicity.

third: mining requirements

blog users after analysis, also wrote some content to build trust, the next step is to tap the demand, and the process is interactive, interactive process, know they are reading your blog and need to know what something deeper, in order to determine the next phase of our article content.

fourth: presentation value


third finished, do not come to naught, must present value is the reader wants to understand the contents of the written blog, of course how to write you, is reproduced, or soft, or the extensive collection of information and list, or even spend money please help you write the sleeping ocean does not matter, the key is to let you see the inside of the information, it is good.

fifth style: win commitment

bluntly, is to get the return on his blog readers and bloggers in the positioning of the blog readers have access to some fixed group, they will be fixed and you exchange, which won the promise, he will bring the fixed flow, if these readers around and reproduced, but also retain the original copyright information and address if it is to bring more traffic. It’s like a promise of more visits.

Chapter six:


this year, Lei Feng is not much, some people write blogs to be famous, some people in the book, some people in order to Wangzhuan, (has been discussed earlier, ziyuzile type blog promotion not necessary, not on the list) so that everything is in order to bring a large number of readers, when your blog do the above five points, sixth points is logical, the advertisement put advertising, the book of the book. Of course, you can’t get too much, or else it’s like sales

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