MSN finally say goodbye to China officially closed on October 31st

morning news (reporter Han Yuanjia) a year and a half ago announced the closure of China outside the mainland in addition to global range of instant messaging software MSN, finally abandoned the China market in October 31, 2014 and China users officially say goodbye.

"it’s true." Microsoft Skype official MSN users to send the message to start this. And to inform you that MSN services will be officially closed on October 31, 2014, it is recommended that users migrate to Skype.

March 2013, Microsoft Corp announced that in addition to mainland China, in April 8th in the world to close the Messenger service, and the integration of Messenger functionality and Skype together. The news of the memory of MSN immediately opened a pot on micro-blog. Many netizens said: "only a short while ago, still modify the MSN signature daily cudgel thinking, but seeing little green men from numerous green gray, with fewer and fewer number of MSN." So that Chinese netizens have a glimmer of hope, was the promise of the Chinese Ministry of public relations MSN. When he was Microsoft MSN (China), general manager Liu Zhenyu told the media that MSN will not withdraw from the Chinese market.

, however, the reality is far from promising. A year ago, MSN emerging issues, such as the notes were inexplicably disappeared, was hacking, unable to change the login status, you can not transfer files, and even unable to add friends.

is not only MSN, Microsoft MSN (China) other businesses are also under pressure. It is reported that Microsoft MSN (China) in addition to the operation of Messenger services, but also responsible for the operation of MSN Chinese network, Bing search, as well as relying on a variety of online advertising platform Windows8. According to the idea of Microsoft China a year ago, Windows8 system can get through PC, tablet PCs, mobile phones, televisions and other terminals to achieve multi screen integration, and make the Window8 system to become the user’s Internet portal. But Windows8 disappointing market performance and changing business strategy Microsoft Corp, so that the value of MSN has long been unable to create China was finally abandoned by the market.

on the other hand, the rapid growth of competitors and mobile communications demand also accelerated the MSN China’s exit. Last September, the Beijing morning news reporter interviewed Microsoft advertising vice president of emerging markets, Skype will be coming in direct competition with WeChat? "It said," now that’s still early, but we think there is such a chance Chinese." However, according to Tencent’s second quarter earnings report, WeChat’s monthly active users has reached 438 million, mobile QQ monthly active users by 521 million. This figure is so long that lost enthusiasm for the China MSN can offer users China.

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