Throw the burden of investment into the next shot will be a 56 net

Internet circle dynamic continuously in a continuous line. Ali investment intime storm has not faded, followed by a huge dump Cool 6 burden. We always fall into a reverie here is cool 6, has just been grand throw the burden, there are professional analysts said everyone should sell 56 net now.

from partner to strategic investment

Alibaba HK $5 billion 370 million for strategic investment intime business, strategic investment, the two sides will integrate the advantages of resources, to create their line of business systems, intime business entities and the Alibaba of the Internet economy two-way integration. The two sides will form a joint venture. For Ali and intime, there are Internet sources said: pick up the soap for many years a good brother finally walked together. In fact, in the Internet environment, competition to cooperation (the recent alliance shop), strategic investment (Tencent shares of Jingdong and investment intime ALI) as well as the acquisition and so on some actions, including the Internet circle in society has become a must.

Great trees are good for shade.


on Ali and intime to talk about Ali and high moral indissoluble bound, as early as May 2013, Ali had $2.94 strategic investment in High German investment, however, soon after, in February this year, Ali announced a $1 billion 100 million acquisition of High German company 72% of the shares, after the completion of the transaction, High German Ali will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the group. From strategic investment to the acquisition of the road. Although Ali this tree is not all the people can enjoy the cool on the bottom, but also cool or will pay the price. Intime business for the future will be included in the Ali group became its wholly owned subsidiary, which is still unknown, but it can not be said that Ma did not think so. At this time, many things are not what we do not guess, but we do not think things will happen. Sometimes dare to guess, bold guess.

The confusion of the

concept often makes people speechless

grand sale of cool 6 shares, the sale has been misinterpreted as a rejection burden, regardless of whether the grand feel wronged, always feel that this is strictly speaking unreasonable. This may be just some ideas, I just want to sell their home to sell things to others, and the rejection of the burden is different, is not what their home is not good rejection to others, always feel unreasonable, of course, this is not for others, just speak their views. But whether it is really specific rejection burden has yet to be verified.

video site next sale will be 56 nets?

Cool 6 and even though the network is the same as the video site, but there is no relationship between the two, the cool side of this has just been a grand sale, the professional analysis of the proposed sale of all the 56 nets, perhaps this is just a coincidence. Analysts said that Renren has been able to improve the balance of the cash through the sale of good investment projects, including the recent sale of $160 million to buy Baidu glutinous rice network shares of the transaction of 59%. "Professional"

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