Cloud bird was 100 million D round of financing systems and data to improve efficiency is the focus

After the completion of the completion of the construction of

and capacity pool, with the means of cloud information cloud into the operational stage of refinement, placed in front of the focus of only two – to make money and improve the efficiency of technical means.


February 13th, the city with service providers cloud technology announced that it has received $100 million D round of financing, led by the United States Warburg Investment Group investment, Jingwei China, Jinsha River and other investors with investment.

the company was in early 2016 to get C round of $one hundred million financing, led by Warburg investment group, Sequoia China, Jingwei China, Jinsha River and other investors with the cast. Accordingly, the current round of financing for internal.

cloud bird was founded in November 2014, mainly to provide near the area and the city distribution business for B2B, O2O, commercial chains, distributors, brands, manufacturers, B2C, express and other corporate customers. Through the auction on the Internet platform tender, to help shippers, transportation vehicles, has entered the 13 city services, more than 3 thousand business customers, freight on more than 7 million yuan.

at the end of 2016, after the completion of the passengers and the capacity of pool construction, information technology has yunniao into fine operation stage, the focus placed in front of the only two to make money and to enhance the efficiency of the use of technology means.

after two years because of technical development, market promotion, accounts and other reasons, the cloud of birds are not profitable, the driver of the Commission is the main source of revenue at present, in some city from the driver’s gross profit has more than 4% of freight; but the value-added services will be the focus of future income, such as insurance, cable, rescue service.

for 3PL is the most difficult to warehouse management, line planning and delivery links, because each piece needs to be equipped with manpower, and high communication costs, details are not easy to control. From the warehouse / distribution center to the city’s retail terminal in the path of capacity management, the cloud is constantly updating its bird eye system. The core function of the bird’s eyes is to open the warehouse order data interface, intelligent recommendation, task distribution optimization, intelligent scheduling and cable system.

owner can create and publish distribution tasks with bird’s eye, and simultaneously pushed to tens of thousands of drivers, drivers choose to enhance the quotations, matching efficiency; followed by location, aging, goods and other information to make intelligent scheduling; let the distribution process visualization, deliver results online return, financial reconciliation online. For personalized needs, the birds eye also provides insurance, temperature control, collection of loans and other functions. At the same time, birds eye cloud and can make the multi role through the mobile phone, tablet computer, etc. based on the use of each one takes what he needs.

cloud in the short term, will focus on the upstream supply chain of API, through large capacity and delivery of data to improve product efficiency.

previously, cloud bird technology in January 2015 to complete the amount of $ten million A round of financing, the investment side of Jingwei China, gold

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