Vulgar information everyone shouting Beijing closed 4 illegal audio visual program website

with Beijing purification special action network environment of sustainable development, not only the formation of a vulgar information everyone shouting "boom in the Internet, and the relevant units of Beijing City radio and Television Bureau, Public Security Bureau, the communications authority also continue to intensify its efforts to comprehensively and thoroughly clean up the Internet pornographic and vulgar information.

site of Beijing was exposed to effectively correct

According to the Beijing

network media association responsible person, Baidu launched the Baidu space history picture for the large area clean, clean up the historical picture 300 thousand; temporarily closed mobile phone network album and search function; immediately closed to vulgar content "seductive map" section; CILU net permanent closure "the romance of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures" forum…… Including Sina, Sohu and other Beijing territorial websites face their own problems, not only reproduced by exposure of the news, aiming at the existing problems, immediate rectification, close related sectors, and all prominently on the website issued a letter of apology, urge the public to forgive and welcome to supervise society.

4 illegal audio-visual program website has been closed

since mid November, the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau has been brought to the city’s cultural administrative law enforcement corps to investigate violations of audio and video program site 82, coordinating the closure of the Municipal Bureau of illegal audio-visual program website 4." Beijing City radio and Television Bureau responsible person said, has established a network audio-visual program service without website classification list, according to preliminary statistics, Beijing City, there are currently undocumented audio-visual program website 345, in which no ICP record and information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit website 25, ICP record and no Internet audio and video program license website 306. These sites are currently being cleaned in batches, where no ICP record for the audio and video program site has been included in the first list of cleaning, will be brought to the Beijing Municipal Communications Authority to close these sites.

remediation mobile phone pornography to grasp five key links

"the Beijing communications administration on the basis of various telecom operators, mobile value-added information service business units, business units, access service business units in the next phase of the task is decomposed and issued." Beijing City Traffic Management Bureau official said, in-depth remediation mobile phone pornographic to seize the business promotion channels, mobile phone website content access, server, mobile phone charge generation layers of sublease and jurisprudence domain transformation of five key links, through the first stage of the investigation of jurisprudence, mobile phone key aspects of a comprehensive clean-up, the second phase of implementation of the program, do a good job the third stage of rectification, strengthening the means of perfecting the mechanism, the solid foundation to enhance the management of the three stages of work, improve the mobile phone jurisprudence site found disposal mechanism, to purify the environment based mobile phone network.

operators do not contribute to the dissemination of pornographic information

Shi Jianhua, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security department in the introduction of the city’s two consecutive end of the dissemination of pornographic information on the phone WAP website case pointed out that the near

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