Apple and other giants have engaged in the news and how Content providers are hard to get rich

Apple launched a similar Flipboard news aggregation — Application of News in the just concluded Conference (News), the birth of this application also means another native application will fade away, it is Apple’s newspapers and magazines (Newsstand). Apple Corp in 2011 launched a newsstand nature of software Newsstand, this tool does not provide news content, but allow users to purchase a variety of digital news products, downloaded to the local in reading.

and new News applications will be collected from the world’s news publishers, users can customize the way the article shows. The first step, News app will be launched in the United States, Australia and the United kingdom.

Apple executive Eddie · Cui said at the press conference: "News will be applied to convey the content to the user through a beautiful and concise manner, while respecting your privacy, because Apple will not share your personal data."

Apple said that although the news content is stored in apple, but the media will have news content, grasp the control of the show. External media can also be an ad in the client to obtain revenue. If the external media independent advertising, the media will get all advertising revenue. If the ad is sold by the apple system, Apple will commission, but the proportion of the specific Commission is still unknown.

apple this step to bring us what kind of inspiration?

Medium author Tim Carmody says:

2015 looks more like a year of content distribution. Not only like Facebook and Snapchat like social networking platform on the content of interest, are also in the side platform equipment. This is not to say that Apple News will succeed, and before it has similar Google Currents didn’t do it (tiger sniffing note: Google officially announced the closure of the Android platform Currents news reading application, existing application users will be transferred to Google’s new Google Play Newsstand application. The application was first unveiled in 2011 of December. But the trend is clear, independent news applications and news brands are integrating into this larger platform. The publisher’s loss of power is also very obvious after the return: a large number of interests to be developed.

I think this market has just opened, there will be a variety of possible content solutions. It can be said that news and music, maps, is becoming the basis of the level of Mobile Devices Inc operating system.


needs to point out is that the biggest innovation in news reading since RSS has been in social reading recommendations, such as Flipboar>

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