Several key points of the success of Taobao novice sellers

Hello: I’m a little novice sellers shop for more than a month, a deep understanding for the novice seller confusion, here I express my personal experience and experience, I hope we can communicate more novice sellers. For novice sellers, we are eager to sell the mentality of the baby, how to drain ah, how can we let the baby ranked, how to improve the sales of all kinds of problems. But you have to think about your homework did not do ah? What do the same thing, do not pay how it will be rewarded. I think first of all we have to maintain a good attitude, this is very important. Next, I would like to talk about my personal experience.

1 baby master:

is now Taobao above, a paragraph out of a few pages, pictures are basically the same, big sellers do good people have sold a few thousand, you take things like how to compete with others, some people will say, my price can be lower than he ah, now buy the home to see you as the baby is not what sales, and the price is low quality problems will doubt you, how will you buy it in here. So the main figure to do out of the ordinary, so baby there will be a new logo, novice sellers early into Taobao, do not know how to do, in fact, as long as your heart is very simple, I just download a PS, then found some tutorials in Baidu, with a video operation will be a few. We don’t need to learn more, as long as you can try your own main picture and details you can, if you need the material, can go to the 1000 map net material. Then is the key word, optimize keywords, this can refer to the official website of Taobao index. The window is recommended to use, on the shelf time, peak time of my choice: 9:00, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 22:00, 23:00 the highest flow two points at 2 points and 10 points Pro can reference.

2 baby price:

The price of

baby, general novice sellers will set the price is very low, basically is the cost + postage, if out of a single word, buyers are not satisfied with what the baby required return, so you wouldn’t lose it, even if we don’t ask how much money, but don’t lose money ah, there is a look at the market, see if you want to sell baby, others are selling much money, as mentioned above, the same paragraph of your price is higher than the others, buyers will feel you are too expensive, you lower price than others, buyers will doubt your quality, so you don’t have high not low set a price, you can.

3 shop Renovation:

why now before the decoration of shops, I do this time of experience is that buyers normally is not into the store from your home page, is through the baby into the store, some parents will feel this way, shop decoration has no significance, but it’s not, buyers can enter the shop through you baby, that the buyer is a need, such as >

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