Today’s headlines the United States mission snowball 91 assistant Fujian town out of a pile of

Longyan, located in the east of Xiamen, humble in Southeast China border town.


, under the jurisdiction of the city of Shanghang County in the Fujian Province, holds a Chinese name for having heard it many times in Gutian. In 1929, the "Gutian conference" held here, the 22 year old Lin Biao, the "red flag can play long questions, Mao Zedong A:" the sparks of fire can start a prairie fire."

86 years later, again looking back, an Internet business with potential fire, ignite the stars.

Fang Sanwen, Wang Xing,, and Zhang Yiming…… From 70 to 80, from Wuping to Yongding, the Longyan to absorb the world of Reiki entrepreneurs, now have the opportunity to meet again the meeting of wind and clouds.


four companies are the leader in the field, side of salmon founded by snowball finance, September 3, 2014 completed C round of financing, valuation of 500 million dollars, Wang Xing of the U.S. mission network, different information to its valuation of about ten billion dollars, known as the highest market share. The youngest towards the 2012 launch of the headlines today, a total of 300 million users, more than 30 million people every day, ranking the same second, while the per capita use is two times as long as the first Tencent news, capital market financing from offer, to today’s headlines valuation may reach $5 billion.


above Internet elite list, enough to make Longyan proud of the town.

top students

in mind the first chapter, from the school began to talk.

1992, second side of salmon to the province’s liberal arts achievements, was admitted to the Department of Peking University Chinese.

, the founder of snowball finance, five years after the carp jump Longmen, successfully entered the southern weekend, from which to start a media career of up to 13 years.

is the successor to read his university than a year, the first year is spent in the Shijiazhuang military academy, in those years, side of salmon classmate Fan Meizhong (Fan Paopao), which has revealed he is a wild and intractable, "take it easy", learn early self adjustment.

also in 1997, the villagers Wang Xing side of salmon from one middle school in Longyan, his family was generous, clever, was sent to the Tsinghua University in high and vigorous spirits, Department of electronic engineering professional radio. The Longyan one hundred schools, not only let Wang Xing harvest academic perfect leap, also harvest the day after the business partner and wife, the sister Guo Wanhuai admitted to the Peking University in 2000.

on this 2012 for the school gate posted "high rich handsome, over two generation" and create a great sensation of his alma mater, Wang has been thankful. In October 2013 Longyan 110 Anniversary, Wang Xing "wish her future can give more memories", the high school mathematics teacher Ren Yong, let the king Xingming remember reins: "every year to teach"

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