Cottage website for Google brings 500 million a year revenue


according to foreign media reports, companies and individuals to register fraudulent acts of the website, the global search engine giant Google Corporation can bring $500 million in revenue per year.

is now the focus of debate in the world by way of "deliberate error spelling" to register the domain name in order to get hits. For example, a company in order to enter the site in the well-known user spelling mistakes sometimes take it to their own website, you can register its website

and if the above errors often occur, then the owner of the can be placed on its Web site advertising and profit. In particular, the website owner can use deceptive Google Corporation ad network to achieve the purpose of profit, because the keywords which automatically according to the contents of the website or website owners to provide ad.

in this case, Google Corporation is also able to make a profit. Moore from Harvard University (Tyler Moore) and (Edelman) currently provides data on the estimated income of Google Corporation from such activities.

spelling error

in the study, Moore and Ellman through the ranking system to find the 3264 most popular sites, and create a copy of these sites "cottage" version of the list. They estimate that in each of the 3264 most popular sites, each of them can be an average of about 280 "copycat" domain names. In other words, the total number of these cottage domain reached 900 thousand.

subsequently, they were randomly selected from the 90 sites in the software by the tens of thousands of 28.5, to determine the level of profit obtained by these fraudulent website.

results showed that if the same proportion of the top 100 thousand websites "deliberate spelling mistakes" and the proportion of Moore and Ellman, so every user data login a "copycat" website will reach 68 million of the giant. The two researchers also estimated that almost all of these fraudulent sites are likely to own Google’s advertising.

this means that Google’s annual revenue from this fraudulent domain name will reach $497 million. Throughout 2009, Google Corporation’s revenue was $23 billion, of which 97% came from advertising.

remove ad

, a Google Corporation spokesman said that if the "copycat" website by trademark holders complaints, then Google will be from the "copycat" website to remove the ads, but did not make more detailed description.

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