China’s SEO market attracts Japanese

recently in the forum to see the Japanese SEO company put a lot of.

  Shanghai seo. Beijing SEO, Hangzhou SEO, Taipei SEO, put in a lot of such Google keywords, Hangzhou SEO, sytec, and the group, do not see Yu de fries or get off and go to construct the Chinese into, SEO, sytec, u, period bill! This is Hangzhou SEO in time the advertisement, the company seems to have little understanding of Chinese, at least to see which city SEO market penetration is relatively high, Wuhan SEO this keyword is not advertising, is not the Japanese market is saturated, still feel that the Japanese market can not meet his company’s expansion, but no matter what, for the domestic SEO is a warning also, give a suggestion, whether Chinese SEO can enter Japan to do, based on what we know as part of a software project, a lot of Japan will get China to do, because we all know that the Japanese into human China than your lot, so he Chinese to do the market, if you can accept the price of Chinese, if China users can do the Japanese SEO, the Japanese market should be said that the price is more competitive, of course, there may be China enterprises want to enter the Japanese market, the need for Japan SEO company, it may have to pay a higher fee for service


          look forward to an early look at China’s SEOER can go out of the country as soon as possible!

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