Daily topics founder has left the PPTV big shake management Suning over

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 1st news news recently, the domestic video enterprise PPTV once again facing a big shake management, the incumbent PPTV CEO Lv Yan and other executives will leave more than Lenovo system, from Suning executives will take over the daily operations of the company.

PPTV cohesion was founded in 2005, is the first comprehensive coverage of PC client, mobile client, Pad side, and the rate of advanced military Internet TV video new media. Last October, Su ningyun (Lenovo) combined with Hony capital, Ho throw $420 million acquisition of PPTV cohesion, achievement of domestic largest online virtual economy and real economy line strategic merger integration.

It is reported that

, in the integration of the transition period of the past year, PPTV cohesion and Suning had a few big promotion to have cooperation, and the focus of cooperation between the two sides has been positioned as a multi screen Internet entrance, the development and the layout of the mobile video terminal, and PC family.

Suning said, PPTV has established a collaborative mechanism with its operating system, in the member sharing, data access, the development of intelligent terminals, video e-commerce and big data to achieve substantial integration. As of June 2014, PPTV cohesion daily average number of users reached 42 million 640 thousand, the average daily VV reached about 280 million.

in March this year, PPTV founder and CEO Tao Chuang and a number of other former PPTV executives have left. Subsequently, the former vice president of Lenovo Lv Yan served as PPTV CEO, is responsible for the company’s daily operations management. With the replacement of the original PPTV CEO candidates, almost all were replaced by high-level shake, Lenovo faction took over.

it is reported that the takeover of Fan Zhijun is a veteran of Suning Appliance to enter the work in 1999, were in charge of Suning North China and East China’s two major cities in the region of the world’s largest city in the north of the city of the East China Sea in the north of the city, the largest city in the eastern region of the Soviet Union, the largest city in the east of China, the largest city in the east of China. That Internet video Youku and position in Iqiyi’s case, for PPTV didn’t have much chance. While investment acquisitions, although the rapid expansion of the business is the usual means, but the integration of the subsequent digestion and corporate culture is a challenge. Suning insiders said that Fan Zhijun’s "single-handed" should not enter the PPTV, there are a number of PPTV high-level changes will certainly follow, currently not yet announced.

in the acquisition of PPTV, Su ningyun, vice chairman Sun Weimin said, PPTV will continue to operate independently. For the Su ningyun senior White PPTV, the insiders said, at present, Hony investment in PPTV mainly plays the role of financial investors, Suning and PPTV in recent years there have been many aspects of cooperation, the future will remain independent operations PPTV.

Fan Zhijun sent through internal mail, PPTV experienced a lot, we paid a lot, some scenery in the way of your dreams make us a little more. Everything in the past, PPTV is not a spectator, not a >

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