Telecom terminated WAP partners 41 to close the 4899 porn sites

news December 8th, China Telecom group company has consistently adhered to both economic and social benefits, requirements of enterprises at all levels from politics, the overall situation of the height, fully understand the importance and necessity of network information security, with a strong sense of social responsibility and sense of urgency, take effective measures to protect the network and information security, to build a harmonious network environment. According to the Central Foreign Affairs Office and other nine ministries on further regulation of the Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special action of the unified deployment, in accordance with the "Ministry of information industry and the relevant requirements concerning the further rectification program" mobile phone pornography special action, attaches great importance to carefully organize, in-depth implementation of the special action, and actively to improve the information security management system and work flow management, deepen the special action key links, vigorously improve the technology, and promote the establishment of long-term mechanism to promote the work of the special action, the special action continues to carry out.

after a year of unremitting efforts, China Telecom has achieved some results in this special action management. By the end of October 2010, China Telecom totaling nearly 120 thousand the number of test sites, blocking illegal and harmful websites of nearly 7000, and related materials will be handed over to the public security organ, made a positive contribution to effectively purify the network environment.

first, strengthen organizational leadership, unified deployment to ensure responsibility in place

special action in order to strengthen organizational leadership and coordination group and the company have set up a special action mechanism one headed, held a number of meetings and arrangements, clearly require remediation effect and levels of the enterprise responsible for year-end performance appraisal. At the same time, the headquarters will implement the special action as a responsible person in charge of the work of building an honest and clean government departments responsible for writing.

in order to improve the work efficiency and the ability of special action, set up the headquarters of China Telecom bad information processing center, be responsible for bad information monitoring test work, and promote the company with reference to set up a full-time special action team. Through the implementation of cooperative business access information security review, SP information security training and a series of initiatives to promote the work of information security to prevent the transition from the post processing. Through active, pragmatic and innovative measures, set up information security system that includes prevention, control and post processing ", fundamentally changed the information security" campaign "work style, to achieve the normalization and continuous work, forming a good start information security work together catch condominium". In the campaign, the whole group China Telecom involved in special operations personnel a total of more than 10 thousand people, set up 7× 24 hours contact information security duty system, ensure that the first time to handle all types of emergencies, emergency events do 10 minutes, emergency processed within 1 hours.

two, pay close attention to the special action of the clean-up and remediation of the key aspects of


one is to further improve the business promotion channels. Focus on cleaning up and regulating the charges

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