Easy price net award countdown remaining on the last day

    a month to price net prize essay has entered the end, only the final submission for two days, a lot of prizes, a lot of opportunities, now contribute, there is still a chance.

      and the "price net" to launch the essay gets a great response, the webmaster to contribute, has received the manuscript has been more than 30 articles, the judges also made responsible for comments on the manuscript, but also through the trial of the person sent a small a gift (10 q-coin card), September 21st, we will be on all the manuscript review and final, selected the top five, offered cash rewards.


      the award is as follows:

      500 yuan cash prize of 2
      excellence award 300 yuan in cash 3
      encouragement award 10 yuan coins card does not limit the number (through trial sent)  
      contribution award 50 yuan in cash 2 (drawn from the enthusiastic participation of the owners)  

      encourage awards issued announced:

  & nbsp; encouragement award is required low probability of winning more than 95% Li, basic writing carefully participated in the submission can be obtained. The following is a list of some of the prizes that have been sent out, and some others who are unwilling to make contact with the public, please contact us as soon as possible.

                              player;;                             numbers;
      1                              tzxxlqh            &n>

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