Development and Reform Commission to punish the thunder and heavy rain in the industry said the ele

electricity supplier price war continues: Recently, a promotional Kuba CEO Ding Donghua cry piercing advertising almost occupy a prominent position in Guangzhou Outdoor advertising. and Jingdong also promised to "your not resigned to playing second fiddle, the former Jingdong, price two times compensation", the latter "launched large-scale promotional activities to send 300 yuan to buy 1000 yuan coupons".

according to the reporter, although the development and Reform Commission will be the electricity supplier, the 815 price war as a price fraud, the electricity supplier of the collective recognition of the wrong, but this did not allow them to end the price war on this end of the three. In this regard, the industry called for the development and Reform Commission for the punishment of the electricity supplier should be as soon as possible, the cost of mistakes can not form an effective deterrent to electricity providers and regulators.


neither painful nor itching

for a wide range of consumer response "815 price war is a business question, fudge, with the conclusion of law.

reporter learned that, after the development and Reform Commission qualitative, the three major electricity suppliers have publicly apologized, and have stated rectification. also took the compensation scheme, for during the 815 price war "post" double payment to the consumer, the United States’s Kuba mall during this period for 50 yuan coupons per person payment in the consumer online Kuba consumption way of compensation. Jingdong mall has yet to give any compensation measures.

in addition, the reporter also learned that the NDRC had previously stated for price fraud punishment has not been issued. In accordance with the 2010 amendments to the implementation of the "price of illegal administrative penalties" the seventh stipulation: "the use of false or misleading price means to entice consumers or other operators to carry out the transaction, it shall be ordered to make corrections, confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of five times the illegal income; no illegal income, at fifty thousand yuan a fine of 500 thousand yuan; if the circumstances are serious, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, or the Administration for Industry and Commerce shall revoke the business license."

, however, produced by observers Hong Shibin believes that even if the electricity supplier to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, still cannot produce a deterrent to them, to know that this is their slobber war, but save ten million yuan level of advertising costs! Perhaps before the price war, the electricity supplier bigwigs early for their hit mistakes cost a small abacus, mistakes cost is too low, the electricity supplier bigwigs probably again "knowingly violate".


suppliers suffer in anger

as the saying goes "fairy fight, the people suffer, while the electricity supplier war, overwhelmed by the supplier, but they dare not speak"".

in the development and Reform Commission "qualitative" after the suppliers who finally broke the silence, have stand accused, including angrily out of the business channel, the famous clothing brand JASONWOOD, announced the withdrawal of the Jingdong before the mall, the move was to protest against the Jingdong launched in September 3rd of September 30th as "buy 300 send 100>

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