Tencent integration of social interest products to get through the hands of WeChat Q two platforms

Since the day before

QQ interested tribal open WeChat login state, recently Tencent layout in the social interest and the new action to upgrade the micro community, open WeChat and hand Q two platform, to achieve social interest in the Tencent’s product integration. By then, WeChat users click on the original micro community entrance, will jump directly to the corresponding interest tribe. The upgrade and integration will enable WeChat public number based on existing users, the new mobile phone QQ interested tribal large user system, enrich the user’s age structure, are also more likely to have diversified, high-quality content.

open up a dual platform, users communicate more smoothly

in the past, WeChat users through the public number of the menu bar into the corresponding micro community, and other fans exchange. The upgrade after integration, WeChat public number of users will jump directly to the corresponding interest tribe, operation interface and process will be more convenient and more clear, rich topic types, more important is to achieve cross platform communication mobile phone QQ and WeChat users. Hand Q 576 million and WeChat active users of the month of 500 million, will open up a larger space for communication and possible.


User interface changes after


management function diversification, enhance user stickiness

upgrade after the integration of the original micro community operators will use direct interest in tribal management background. Tribal interests diversified management tools will allow operators to communicate with users more innovative ways, such as interest tribe "sign function, to attract users to click every day for" hardcore powder "title; the new" activity "and" localization "and" image collection "," PK "and" voice "function. The rich interaction operators and users, and users. The subsequent interest in the tribe will continue to function expansion and upgrading, more management tools and interactive way for operators.


upgrade management background


upgrade management background

actually, micro community is the interactive community public accounts based on WeChat, it is widely used in the WeChat service number and subscription number, WeChat is the number of public operators to create popular mobile community and enhance user stickiness favorable tool. The interest in the tribe is based on the interest of the mobile phone QQ open communication platform, since the line in 2014 has shown a rapid growth in the amount of user interaction with the volume, has become the largest mobile terminal social platform of interest. The upgrade is the Tencent merger, further layout in the social interest, realize the combination of two major social networking platform, not only for the public, WeChat introduced a huge amount of users and the new play, users also bring a large number of white-collar workers to hand Q tribal interest for tribal interests to bring greater value.

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