When the network appears monopoly entrepreneurial paradise is no longer 3


these days blog big crash site, to turn, still busy now. If you yesterday or today but not to enter, in this and you caused the highest apology, thank you again today to our station.

write a blog so simple, write an article on to the above, we can see, but the feeling is like yesterday, when the phone is on the throat, coming from the room is not the level of customer service staff to call me to call again tomorrow ", there is a deep sense of powerlessness — my site is" I ", but this situation is encountered" kidnapping ", is my own master, how have no access to their own website, only seconds passed. In the entity’s business world, 99% things are like this, you must follow some monopoly manufacturers go, or have to choose the road they did not go, the road is particularly difficult to go!

only on the network, entrepreneurs have breathing space.

is really good! We like in the big desert, naked run, don’t need to beat the other person, everyone has the opportunity, everyone has their own channels, to see who will go to see, want to use the people can go to, also want to pay directly to take money out, then. The 5000 person company maybe[http://s.www.icomcn.com] lost 3 students, 50 experts lost several, well, bloggers.

in the morning, so time is very tight, again from the previous "Digital Age" excerpted column, plus some new views, for your reference, when the network began to appear "monopoly", what will happen to


May, US internet is very lively, well, it should be said that the network was very lively, but the three network giants in order to make the network more "lively", rushed in May launched its own "social function" outside the station, let the small website directly use free of charge, for each station to Tim the more popular, such as the social networking site Facebook launched Facebook Connect, let the outside the station can also be directly through its API to extract and use personal files, MySpace launched Data Availability, let outside the station with MySpace membership combination. Google launched Friend Connect, let station easy embedding a community frame, is as simple as AdSense.

these companies invariably rush to engage in "open" in the May, the reason is very simple – they want the first step to grab these station "position", the first to win.

and this reminds me of a monopoly.

network, there is a word "Winner takes all", such as monopoly, the site instantly caused great access threshold, so that other people can not enter. Network >

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