China Mobile SNS website 139 com fully open registration

              May 5th news, China Mobile’s SNS site has been fully open to register in the near future, the test range is no longer only for mobile users in Guangdong,  .


at the end of last December, was first open to the Guangdong mobile user beta. Currently in the home page of the site, there is no longer limited to the use of the user’s announcement in Guangdong, the national mobile phone users can activate account number.

in SNS applications, provides photos, blog, music, voting, grab parking spaces, gifts, headhunters and other 10 routine applications, with the basic functions of the SNS social network.

it is worth noting that, with particular emphasis on the mobile phone number with a tight binding: only mobile users can be registered, you can bind 139 mailboxes after registration, and provide WAP page. At the same time, the user every time the phone has a text message to remind the user, in addition to the site registered password login, you can also log in via a random password. is a subsidiary of China Mobile Internet Co 139 mobile Internet site, which is positioned as an online home for China Mobile users". Previously, China Mobile’s Internet business mainly includes Fetion, 139 mailboxes and SNS business, including two former business have formal operations, and SNS business is still in trial state. MySpace.CN former CEO Luo in October last year, a low-key join 139 mobile Internet, as vice president, is responsible for SNS business.

at present, the industry is highly concerned about the development of There are optimists believe that China Mobile has a huge user groups, is expected rapid development momentum may be copied to fetion. Insiders also suggested that the mobile phone can play a friend, communications tariff concessions and other advantages, to enhance the viscosity of users.

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