Strong cross border electricity supplier platform strong platform advantages

data show that the first half of this year’s foreign trade situation is not optimistic, the import and export gradually fall, many foreign trade enterprises are facing severe challenges, and actively seek a way out. Wu Minzhi, vice president of Alibaba, executive member of the Executive Committee, said that China’s export growth is slowing down in the past 5 years, the average annual export growth of less than 10%. In the increasingly serious situation of China’s foreign trade, cross-border electricity supplier has shown a good trend.

according to statistics, in July this year, the Alibaba international trading market purchasing platform can direct daily cross-border trade orders received nearly 10000 pen, buyers scale growth for two consecutive years to maintain 7~10 times faster. Alibaba platform is currently active in more than 80 thousand Chinese suppliers, accounting for about 5% of China’s foreign trade enterprises.

according to Alibaba data show that after the economic crisis, the global purchasing demand has not been reduced, but to small quantities, multi frequency direction. The traditional markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States as the representative, the number of buyers increased significantly, the recent three years, the number of American buyers site increased from 2 million to 7 million, the number of British buyers increased from 360 thousand to 1 million 600 thousand, at the same time, single order amount decreased obviously, most of the order of the single amount does not exceed $30 thousand, concentrated in the consumer goods industry; Russia, India, Brazil and other countries affected by the financial crisis relatively small, its demand appears more obvious growth, mainly in the field of industrial products and raw materials.

so what is the specific operating rules of cross-border electricity supplier, as the best e-commerce service providers, 366EC from the perspective of the platform for everyone to explain. The B2B electronic commerce mode of early, is the main supplier to show their information in e-commerce platform, through the platform of overseas buyers to view and do comparison, enquiries made to enterprises, and then transferred to the traditional trade way. Now the model even further, not only suppliers, overseas buyers also directly on the platform to publish their detailed procurement requirements, within the time limit, the supplier can according to their own characteristics and products offer online order negotiation and communication. This efficient procurement approach, so that both sides have tasted the sweetness.

region bounded unbounded network, in the network world increasingly developed today, the realization of online transactions through the cross-border electricity supplier, is a powerful weapon to stimulate the growth of China’s foreign trade, through cross-border electronic business platform can help enterprises understand the global market buyers purchasing preferences and change the pattern of international trade, in order to help sellers to choose suitable products and market for mana, to promote China’s foreign trade and economic prosperity. In addition, through the procurement of direct market data, small and medium enterprises can find the blue ocean and the red sea of foreign trade, adjust the production line or even product line.

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