Ten of the world’s most expensive domain names

around the world many news media reported one called Chris – Clark’s story, he sold the pizza domain for $2 million 600 thousand (pizza.com), and his cost is only $20 a year from the beginning of 1994 the domain registration fee. Surprisingly, the people who intend to buy high priced things are actually virtual. However, it is well known that these domains represent an industry, so it can sell millions of dollars in high prices.

here is the "YAHOO technology" list you can find the most expensive domain name, of course, these are resold by the domain name, therefore, like YAHOO (yahoo.com) or Google (google.com) famous domain name like, because still belong to their original "master", which has not been included in this list. In general, the market value of such a domain name may be far more than the price listed below.


domain name and domain name can buy expensive diamond seems logical thing, but the TV shopping domain to sell such a high price will make people confused. It is generally believed that the domain name made up of one word is the most expensive, with the exception of course. Here are ten of the most expensive domains:

1 sex domain name (Sex.com), $12 million 500 thousand

2 porn domain (Porn.com), $9 million 500 thousand

3 diamond domain name (Diamond.com), $7 million 500 thousand

4 business domain name (Business.com), $7 million 500 thousand

5 casino domain name (Casino.com), $5 million 500 thousand

6 TV shopping domain (Asseenontv.com), $5 million

7 Korean domain name (Korea.com), $5 million

8 wine domain (Wine.com), $3 million 300 thousand

9 credit rating domain name (Creditcheck.com), $3 million

10 vodka domain (Vodka.com), $3 million (Yang Xiaowen)

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