Boiled dumplings will have to see the brand advantage like German

in hi de Boiled dumplings is a very good brand items, of course in the catering market is very like German Boiled dumplings have been favored by investors characteristic brand, so all in all, then how the brand, will have to see the details below.

must look like Boiled dumplings brand de

preferred ingredients: one plus one natural flour

Wheat core powder

hi de selected from a Boiled dumplings with a brand of natural flour, flour without any additives in the production process, like the German Boiled dumplings made of exclusive dough with natural white color, delicate taste refreshing taste, strong aroma, rich nutritional value.


preferred brand acid cold meat

hi de Boiled dumplings choose brand acid cold meat, slaughter time after cooling, the temperature dropped to 24 hours of pork 0-4 low temperature, complete the process of pork row acid. The acid cold meat pork can inhibit lactic acid aggregation, remove harmful substances and prevent the growth of microorganisms, the meat is soft and elastic, well cooked easily rotten, delicate taste, with rich meat flavor.

preferred ingredients: three pick quality assurance

hi de Boiled dumplings the shrimp, must go through three processes, one is to pick a stump, shrimp, ensure the head uniform; the two is to pick the skin, hand peeled shrimp, let Q play refreshing; the three is to pick the line, remove the shrimp on the back of the yarn, remove the salty smell of fresh; shrimp is also rich in nutrients, more suitable for children and the elderly to eat.

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