Small restaurant playing WeChat earn big fortune

using WeChat to make money, which has become the practice of many operators in the current. However, many shopkeepers do not know how to use, resulting in good tools can not be used to play a better role. Here, the small series on the introduction of a small restaurant to play WeChat play a big fortune case, look at this restaurant is how to use WeChat.

this is only a small table of the 24 restaurants, ordering, side dishes, pour tea to customers themselves, how long do you think it played? House red Jun told you, in the past few months, the monthly revenue of more than 150 thousand! So, what does this shop depend on? WeChat orders!

the store 95% orders from WeChat, do not spend much money on advertising, there is no need to bother tokenism, company employees are poor, but it is micro marketing thinking, let the small shops to earn pours!

shop owner named Dai Songheng, 85, usually love to play World of Warcraft. He said he was entirely on the shop to play with the WeChat play out". "I also want to use WeChat orders, the cashier saved." Dai Songheng said. Grass root: stall drowned, only 6 employees of the store hidden in a lot of food stalls, called "stingy, I come to big Poon Choi, found the shop decoration is very simple, but the two-dimensional code poster is conspicuous, writing above: scan code plus WeChat, will be 15% off.

The main

"Poon Choi, 95% orders from WeChat, 6 employees, 1 of them for the waiter, bad tea, only receiving menu way part-time cleaning." Dai Songheng said that the season a month water can reach 150 thousand, so there will be a friend to private enterprise WeChat.

Magic: all rely on WeChat, a dish with a fire restaurant

at the beginning, Dai also went through the traditional route, leaflets, car advertising what to do, toss 35 spent on the 120 thousand, but the store’s business is still very miserable. My shop is small, also squeezed in a pile of stalls, it’s hard to notice." Dai Songheng said, until the shop is about to collapse when a year, in a friend’s advice, he began to do business with WeChat.

started WeChat friends not much, but spread through the circle of friends, actually let a dish fire. "At that time, an old customer suddenly want to eat this dish with meat Oily Bean Curd, we are not the original, but he said the xuanhu, also a little practice, I let him master and study together, really to do it!" Dai Songheng said with a smile, I did not expect to do a good job after selling out of the food, in a circle of friends turn, soon attracted a large number of diners, my shop also fire up!"

Dai Songheng said, it also let him see WeChat power, "explosion point explosion explosion point, not afraid of small stores burst point less >

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