Jiangxi open up the last mile to allow entrepreneurship policy landing as soon as possible

in the past two years, China launched the youth entrepreneurship policy is not much, but in the actual implementation process there are still many problems. The most important thing is that preferential policies can not be fully implemented, blocking the last mile".

"I don’t know where he lives, he lives in a big market Hongseong dozens of square meters of houses, where several people are on the inside, very difficult." The director of Jiangxi Province youth entrepreneurship incubator Mao Hongshan listening to young entrepreneurs representatives Yan interjected. This is the grassroots entrepreneurs Guo Huixiong entrepreneurial status.


1 11, in Jiangxi, the two sessions will be held on the occasion, the delegation of the Jiangxi provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference, organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 2016, the Communist Youth League and NPC deputies and CPPCC members face to face activities. Focus on supporting the youth "Internet plus entrepreneurship" theme, provincial people’s Congress and CPPCC members to carry out the theme of research, and together with the representatives of Youth Entrepreneurship Forum to exchange.

"business people is too bitter, no capital, no platform." Li Liang also experienced the failure of the entrepreneurial experience. Once again he is undertaking entrepreneurship Jiangxi provincial Party committee project incubator".

"recently the provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei to multiple research park, asked a question that most of these entrepreneurship policy we all know? Have you landed yet? If you can do this thing, is to do a practical thing for young entrepreneurs." Sun Xin, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee told the delegates.

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